Our 50th Reunion


Our Reunion Activities

Friday, August 5th, 7pm - till

     Evening Social at Boston's Restaurant & Sports Bar

Saturday, August 6th, 7pm-12pm

     Reunion Dinner / Dance at Waldorf Jaycees Hall

Sunday, August 7th, 12 noon – till

     Cookout at Jerry Ballengee’s home


Fellow Cavaliers,

The reunion committee would like to welcome members of the Crossland Class of '66.

The committee has been working hard in preparation for this event to bring together classmates and old friends in hopes this weekend is an enjoyable as well as a memorable one for you.

This weekend we are celebrating 50 years since we walked across the stage at Cole Field House on June 14,1966.

We feel our class to be a special one, as we chose the school colors, the mascot and even designed our class rings, as well as setting some standards and traditions as the FIRST GRADUATING CLASS from CROSSLAND HIGH SCHOOL.

So Cavaliers, once again welcome back!

Phil Saverino, Committee Chairman

Committee Members: Jerry Ballengee, Courtney Clow-Hari, Phyllis Thompson Ziegler


Crossland HS Class of 1966 50th Reunion - Friday Night Social - 8/5/2016 from Jerry Ballengee on Vimeo.


Crossland H.S. Class of 1966 50th Reunion Video - 8/6/2016 from Jerry Ballengee on Vimeo.


We want to thank everyone who attended the reunion. It was a great turnout with classmates from Florida ,California,GA, SC, NC, Iowa,Texas, NY . It was great to see classmates reunite with friends some we haven't seen since high school. We have such a great class of which I am proud to be a member. 

These classmates attended our 50th Reunion

Sandy Allard             Byron Braniff       Terrie Looney Baggarly

Janice Brewer McDowell    David Burke      Sidney Thomas

Lloyd Chadwick            Dana Cole                Daniel Sheehy      

Shira Chernoff Oler     Ron Hutchinson        Garland Chow 

 Bob Kaplan                 Don Messinese          Dan Sullivan

Doug Moran                 Chuck Paglio      Jean Forsht Obrien

Paul Purguson            Darla Roach Purguson   Steve Simko

Ron Stockman            Don Stubbs               Bruce Johnson                 

Alan Trimble               Art Wimer               Russell Hatton     

John Tautavull            Duke Walsh      Donna Meyers Eardley

Mike Bagley                Alvin Bowles    Pat Porter Gingell              

Gary Butler                 Brad Fisk                  John Solomon

Dan Hanna                  Betsy Meyer  Adam   Tom Vaden

Joe Myles              Garnet Thorpe    Thomas "Chris" Fonner         

Ida Underwood Ragan     Karen Weller Doty    Betsy Ireland

Diane Berrier Sandler        Anne Addleman Kronen

Jean Powers Smith        John Goebel        Bill Tipsword           

Jerry Ballengee               Phyllis Thompson Ziegler

Tony Narr        Glenn Walton     Bonnie Richardson Grimes

Phil Saverino                  James Baker    John Harrison

Joyce Clubb Lamantia         Diane Biglow

John Bello                       Peggy Haifleigh Poole

Ann Dunn Davey              Pat Green Stagg

Horace Chandor              Mary Draheim Wentz

Steve Clark                     Nancy Cartwright Clark

Ernest Gearing                Jill Bennett Howard

Courtney Clow Hari        Jay Defibaugh

Ray Delano                    Sandy  Moore Delano

Tom Devoe                     Carol Gardner Sherry

Jack Lamay                   Shirley LLoyd

Nancy Sellner Costello     Betty Tayman Shumaker    

Jack Acree                      Mike Behre

Larry Blohm                   Ed Bowie

Ralph Ives                      Marc Mugmon

Viki Sollien Coleman      April Hanbury Vallandingham

Leslie Lambert Eberling    Toby King du Cellier

Jerry Ward                         Charles Adamo

Doug Cain                          Mike Baxter    

Barbara Bliss                     Mark Goodwin

Johanna Kinley                 Helen Masin

Margaret May                    Theresa Mayer Fanone

Frank Morgan                    Alice Rodis Pateras

Paul Williams                    Diane Aley Kitts

Larry Davey                       Gary Gardner

Linda Jenista Martin          Becki Lanham Shamblen

Sandy Hardesty Burch       Richard Porter

Christine Solomon Brennan    Steve Flynn

Nancy Garlenski                 Adele Eichman Eley

Charlie Perticari                 Joe Nairn

Mark Goodman                  Darryl "Tank' Meredith

Dale Griffith                        Ken Howard

Thomas Collin                     Michael Gentry