Faculty Listing


The list below contains Faculty Members, Teachers, and Staff for the Class of 1966.

Staff Listing
Full Name Position
John V Hrezo Principal
William McDonald Vice Principal
S. Jane Lake Vice Principal
Edward N Vest Vice Principal
Robert Laird Vice Principal
Armand M Biscontini Vice Principal
Faculty Listing
Full Name Position
Miss Peggy A. Andrews Personal Typing, Notehand
Joseph M. Apichella Bookkeeping I, Business Arithmetic
Mrs. Mildred Ashley U.S. History, World History
Miss Nancy V. Ashmore U. S. History
Mrs. Caroline Biba Department Head - Business Education, Shorthand I, Typing I, II
Mrs. Sharon K. Bishop Guidance
Mrs. Anneffe L. Bitterman Department Head - Foreign Language, French, Latin
Miss Terry Bohan English III
Miss Bonnie Blake Womens Physical Education I, II
Michael A. Brescia Instrumental Music, Concert Band
Harold Brown Sophomore-Junior Counselor
Paul J. Bruneau Chemistry, Chemistry A
Mrs. Carole A. Calhoun English IV
Cyril J. Carroll English IV, Dramatics, Speech
Mrs. Nancy Carter Art
Mrs. Roseanne Clausen Speech Therapy, Hearing Therapy
Mrs. Ruby Collier Department Head - Library
Mrs. Euqenia Constantiuou English, Journalism
Thomas T. Cook Bookkeeping I, II, Business Arithmetic
Charles W. Craft English IV, Journalisms
Quincy M. Crawford Geometry, Advanced General Math
R.E. Cree Economics, Business Law, Shorthand, Typing
Miss Mary Louise Cross French I,II
Mrs. Diane N. Cunningham Physical Science, General Science
Ronald G. Cunningham U. S. History
Miss Patricia Daves Business Law, General Business, Economics, Personal Typing
Mrs. Joyce Dean Business Math, Advanced General Math
Mrs. Jeene DeVane English III
Mrs. Elizabeth Edmonds English I, IV
Miss Mary Ann Farrell Secretarial Office Practice, Clerical Office Practice, Advance Typing
Harry L. Gary Library
Miss Ellen Gilbert World History
Mrs. Connie Griffiths Home Economics I, II
Miss Cindy L. Guffey Algebra I, Algebra II/Trigonometry
Richard A. Hanrahan Geometry, General Math
Mrs. Barbara Harman Home Economics II, III
John E. Hawkinson Department Head - Art, Art 11th, 12th grade
Mrs. Joan E. Holmes Art
Gerald Howie Problems of Democracy
David C. Johnson Algebra II/Trigonometry, Elementary Analysis
Mrs. Mary E. Kelbourne Department Head - Science, Biology, Advanced Biology
Miss Helen Koutroulis Department Head - Guidance, Senior Counselor
Miss Connie K. Kiess English II
Frank L. LaFontaine Department Head - Mens and Womens Physical Education
Samuel W. Lynch Biology
Mrs. Mildred McElhose Nurse
Mrs. Virginia A. McGrath Department Head - Womens Physical Education, Womens Physical Education II, III, IV
John M. Merricks Mens Physical Education
Sanford Mirman Department Head - Mathematics, Calculus, Analysis, College Algebra
Robert Miller Department Head - Social Studies, Problems of Democracy
Mrs. Mary E. Mills Department Head - Home Economics, Home Economics III, IV
Mrs. Carolyn Moffitt Typing II, Shorthand II, Advanced Typing/Transcription
Miss Pat Moore Spanish I, II
Mrs. Jessie Morrison Counselor for the 11th grade
Norman T. Morrison German
George W. Mullins U. S. History, World Geography
David R. Myers Physics, Chemistry
Thomas E. Nicholson Mens Physical Education
Miss Margaret A. O'Connell Womens Physical Educalion II, III
Blair P. Overton Mens Physical Education
Michael Paczan Psychology, Problems of Democracy
Stanley G. Pitts Department Head - Driver Education
Mrs. Shari Pollard English IV
Mrs. Rosemary Purcell English III
Robert P. Quillen Chemistry
Miss Rosalie J. Reyes Driver Education
Daniel V. Ruffino Civics, American History
Mrs. Gloria E. Sachs Spanish
Tom L. Schwartz Elementary Analysis, Algebra II/Trigonometry
Frank A. Serio Latin I, II
Mrs. Nancy M. Smith French II, III
Thomas J. Smyth Spanish I, II
Mrs. Marie G. Sponsler English, Algebra I, Geometry
Mrs. Carolyn M. Steelman Department Head. - English, English III, Advanced Composition
Joseph Sullivan Guidance Counselor
Miss Stella Tsourounis Biology, General Science
Robert Vaughn Department Head - Industrial Arts, Mechanical Drawing
Carroll L Werner Music, Chorus, General Music
Mrs. Alta B. Weaver U.S. History
Robert S. Weimer Problems of Democracy
D. J. Whitney Problems of Democracy
John W. Whittington Bookkeeping I, General Business
Fred Williams Biology
Mrs. Beatrice E. Windsor English II
Mrs. Joan Wing English III
Miss Elizabeth M. Wood Art