Website Issues

As of 6/19/2020, we are receiving Bounceback emails from the following individuals.  If your name is on the list, please take a moment to read the help info below.  These instructions will help you fix your email account so we may stay in touch with you via our website email services.  If you are a close friend of one of these classmates, please contact them and have them contact us or read this page.  Thank You.  Jerry...

Name Bounced Email Date
Stephen Ellison 6/19/2020
John Taltavull 6/17/2020
Marcia Tew (Patterson) 6/15/2020
Richard Porter 6/14/2020
John O'Neill 6/13/2020
Andrew Armstrong Jr. 6/13/2020
Jean Kirsch 6/13/2020
John Chandler 6/13/2020
Mark Albright (Albright) 6/13/2020
Sandra Stokes (Lightman) 6/12/2020
Larry Linn Larry_A._Linn@HUD.GOV 6/12/2020
Brian Bell 6/12/2020
Ruth Ann Freeman (Druggish) 6/12/2020
Joseph Hammett Jr. JOEHAMMETT@SHEEHY.COM 5/21/2020
Sharon Waller (Revis) 5/19/2020
Karen Weller (Doty) 5/3/2020
Kathleen (Kay) Milner (Masarweh) 4/5/2020
George (Bill) Berry 3/30/2020
Janice Latchford (Kaplan) 3/16/2020

What are "email bouncebacks", and why do we get them, and what should we do about them?

: An email bounces back because a Classmate's email address is either incorrect, or there is a technical problem with the Classmate's email box, such as the Classmate is over his or her mail storage quota. Email bouncebacks can occur when automated messages are sent from your class web site to the bad email address, or when an Administrator sends a class-wide email — any bad email addresses will result in the email being returned to your bounceback queue. When you receive an email bounceback you need to determine the reason for the bounceback by reading the reason for the non delivery in the bounceback details. If the bounceback is caused by something correctable, such as the user being over his or her email quota, you might want to call the Classmate and explain that their email box is over quota. If the email address is bad (e.g. the Classmate has changed to a new email address) you should obtain the Classmate's new email address and replace the old one under the Classmate's Contact Details screen (you can get to the Contact Details screen by clicking your Manage Classmates link, then clicking the Enter/Edit Classmates button. Click the Details link next to the Classmate's name to enter into edit mode).

  1. Some of my Classmates are not getting emails from us or from fellow Classmates. Why is this happening, and what can I do about it?

    Answer: In today's world so many spam emails are sent daily that many people and/or email service providers have resorted to very high level spam filtering. This unfortunately means that sometimes messages sent from your web site to your Classmates, and even messages from one Classmate to another, can be marked as spam and therefore never read.

    There are four measures you can take to combat this problem.
  • Have your Classmates check their spam or junk email folders to see if emails are going there.
  • You, the Site Administrator, should personally whitelist the email address
  • Blast email your Class List and ask your Classmates to also whitelist
  • Ask your Classmates if they subscribe to any third party email filtering services, such as If so, they need to add as a safe sender.

FYI: "Whitelist" is the general term for allowing an email to come through from a specific email address every time, regardless of the content contained within the email. Whitelist is also sometimes referred to as a "Safe List" or an "Approved Senders List." If you and your Classmates whitelist, messages that may not ordinarily get through will now be received and read every time.

Please note the Class Creator system does not send spam mail of any kind to your Classmates. And when we email you directly, the Site Administrators, we will only send you messages we think are important to the business of running your class web site. Thus you and your Classmates can whitelist with confidence that spam email will never be sent by us. Taking these measures will help ensure that all Classmates participating in your site can freely communicate without losing legitimate messages to spam filtering technology.

Why all the ads on this website and emails...

A few months ago, we opted to take advantage of an free membership offer involving our hosting site.  Basically we moved from paying a fee to paying nothing at all as defined below:

A free membership is all you need to run an engaging and successful class web site. It's also all you need if you are planning a reunion. Advertising is light and will not interfere with the workflow of the Class Administrator nor classmate users. All of the features included in the Premium package are included with the Free (with ads) package -- your Classmates will have the same quality experience without missing out on any features. If you begin as a Free member you can upgrade to Premium or Platinum Membership at any time. Premium and Platinum memberships will automatically return to the Free (ads) plan at the end of the subscription term unless you choose to renew.

A domain name is highly recommend but optional, and is not included with any of Class Creator's plans. If you would like a domain name that works with your Class Creator web site.


On June 3, 2020, Class Creator, our hosting site completed a migration of our website and others.  They stated in their email message to all site administrators:  We're in the cloud! Yeah! Our migration is complete...  (cont'd)

Please take a moment right now to click around your web site and make sure everything looks and works as you expect. Should you experience any difficulties please let us know right away. 

You may notice your site pages load faster than ever before. The entire Class Creator system is also more secure now than ever before. And get this: Not only do we have full systems backups like we did previously, we now also have built-in redundancy. This basically means future down time should be minimal.

All kinds of other technical tweaks and improvements were made during this migration as well. These tech improvements put a huge smile on the faces of all the IT guys and gals, while making the eyes of ordinary mortals glaze over.

I sincerely want to thank everyone for your patience and support during the lengthy migration process. It's never fun for anyone to have systems down. We appreciate your understanding more than you know.       

We are super excited to be in our new cloud environment! It makes for one bright Class Creator future.       

In regards to this email message from Class Creator, If you encounter any problems with our website, please let us know...  Thanks:  Jerry