Missing Classmates

Notice: We have decided in order to get this page operational and viewable, we would use the following data record criteria, being "no street address entered in the system", in order to build the classmates list below.

We have also added the following link "Missing/Lost Classmates" that provides a downloadable pdf file containing missing classmates as determined by our offline database records, as of 7/13/2011 that may be opened and viewed.  At this time, it is as accurate as possible - but mistakes may exists though we do our best to verify our data...   There may be some names we marked as missing on this list because they may have recently moved and we do not have a forwarding address or been in touch with them recently.  Some info is contained below the name which indicates roughly our last contact or if no date was listed in my database, they have been out of touch since the 10th reunion or since graduation...   The pdf file requires Acrobat Reader to view the file and if you have a problem opening it...  Click here to obtain the Acrobat Reader software for viewing pdf files.

If you know of the where-abouts of a missing classmate, click on the name below and follow the available email contact option or notify Phil, Phyllis, or Jerry by email. Thank You.

Larry Allen
Patricia Ambrose
Deborah Arnold
William Ashe
Pamela Baier
Deborah Ball
Stephen Barker
Mary Best
Murray Jay Bohnert
James Bowen
Douglas Bowers
Mary Patricia Bradley
Cheryl Lee Brandt
Deborah Brock
Evelyn Jane Bsharah
Cheryl Jean Buckley (Higgins)
John Butler
Robert Roy Carlow
William Carr
Wayne Carroll
Barbara Jo Cates
Rolyn Chambers
Frederick Cherota Jr.
Robert Chiarizia
Kathryn Susan Christian
Craig Clark
Philip Clegg
Michael Cope
John Cray
Sharon Jo Crupi (Johnson)
Mary Gene Dawson
Jack Dexter
Robert Dindlebeck
Kathleen Ellen Dodds
Cecelia Eckard
Daniel Eddinger
Susan Embrey (Chase)
John Erhardt
Marianne Evanskey
Christina Fish
Rita Fishel
Rebecca Ford
Toby Ford
Diana Fox
Michael Franklin
Nancy Frye (Catanzoro)
Susan Ellen Giffin
Donald Glisson
Paula Godfrey
Jane Goldthorn
Terry Goodspeed
Raymond Gray
Claudia June Greer
James Grissett Jr.
Judith Gumtow
Donald Haines
Chandra Hammond
Cheryl Hart
Paul Havenner
Elizabeth Hayes
Burgain Hayes Jr.
Gary Heffner
Johanna Henderson
Steven Herron
Carol Hickman (Yates)
Judi Higginson
Michael Hoff
Linda Homiller
Kenneth House
Margy Householder
Richard Hughes
Barbara Hunt
Julia Huseman
Sherry Huseman
James Huston
Charles Hutcheson
Thomas Jenkins
Kenneth Jones
Michael Joy
Ronald Kaplan
Susan Kay
William Kempf
John Kerr
Teresa Kincer
Carolyn King
Don Kiser
Karen Klecka
John Lawrence
Mary Ellen Lewis
Mary Pamela Lewis
Paula Jean Long (Sheehan)
Michael Longyear
Charles Major II
Susan Mangum
Linda Margelos (Decola)
Edward Martins
Jewell Maxwell Jr.
Linda Jo McCrerey
Craig McDonald
Wayne Medlin
Diana Metts
Dennis Miller
June Mitchell
Patricia Mitchell
Richard Morris
Christine Mulder (Dauer)
James Neitzey
Robert Nelson
Jocelyne Nezet
Glennwood Norment
Stephen Novak
Robert Nunn
Syble Pace
Elaine Padgett
Nora Joy Payne
Charlene Perry
Sandra Phelps
Mary Phillips
Lynda Porter
Michael Porter
Charles Price Jr.
David Randall
Sheila Reidy
Leslie Rennhack
Robert Ressler
Ronald Richards
Catherine Diann Robinson
Gregory Rose
James Rosser
Robert Schmidt
Doris Seay
Michele Seegar
Beth Settlemyer
Michele Sexton
Bonnie Shaw
James Shelton
Sally Brooke Sipes
Susan Slaymaker
Carolyn Smith
Don Smith
Douglas A. Smith
Jean Marie Smith
Jennifer Smith
Stephen Spaid
Hubert Spence
Bruce Sperandeo
Kenneth Spicknall
Carol Springer
Nancy Stebbins
Johny Lee Steen
George Stewart
Carl Stoll
Robert Stultz Jr.
Beth Carolyn Sullivan
Mary Jane Sullivan
Susan Sweet
Cathleen Swindells
William Talbert
Doreen Tallman
Patricia Taylor
Charles Therrell
Anita Thierer
Darleen Thompson
Sharon True (Morris)
Charles VanHorn
David Vaughn
Charles Waldron
Marjorie Wallace (Mattson)
Barbara Walsh
Margaret Warren
Glenn Warrick
William Warrick
Jamie Wayman
Ronald Webber
Wayne Webster
Michael Wilhelm
Charles Willmarth
Nancy Wise (Warren)
Paul Wise
Karen Witt